All pictures are real panoramics, stichted together from multiple images with the same real view you get with your own eyes,
turning your head from left to right.
The point of view, distance and dimension of the panoramic image are real. A ultra wide angle lens, that is cropped to a panoramic view, produce a unreal landscape view, without real aspect of dimension and distance and with low resolution.
For all our panoramic pictures we use 5 different cameras with 36 Million, 24 Million, 20 Million or 12 Million pixel camera with lenses between 35 and 50 mm, that have the same real view as your eyes. We only use calibrated monitors, to get the best color.
Most of our pictures can print to very large size, up to 1m / 40 inch heigh and a few meters/feed length.
For printing we use HP® Printers and HP® Premium Plus Satin Paper.
You get prints with outstanding resolution, rich and vibrant colors and excetional fade resistant up to 80 years (indoors, under glass).
We are available for commissioned work and assignments in Malaysia, other parts of Asia, Europe and Middle East.
We are specialized in panoramic images and multi images stitching work.
We will be able to capture the shots you require and with our printers, we can deliver the image you need.
If you have any specific needs, we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.
If you would like to get in contact, or to enquire about how we can help you or your organisation with your photographic requirements please get in contact with us. pppc(at)
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